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Scutellaria lateriflora
This species of skullcap is native to moist meadows over a wide area in North America. It is the most popular and common skullcap among herbalists in... more->
Solidago canadensis
A very vigorous perennial native to much of North America, Canada goldenrod can quickly colonize sunny, moist meadows and gardens. It's bright and... more->
Thymus x 'Rose-scented'
Combining the warm, spicy scent of thyme with the sweet aroma of old-fashioned rose, we can't seem to grow enough of this wonderful herb! The foliage... more->
Rhodiola rosea
We have both Scandinavian and Russian cultivars of this alpine astringent and tonic herb. Accustomed to sunny, well-drained, high-elevation rocky... more->
Hibiscus syriacus 'Arden's Double Purple'
Arden's Double Purple has a frilly flower with multiple layers of purple-pink petals. more->
Hemerocallis fulva 'Raspberry Red'
This multicolored red variety of daylily really stands out against a green backdrop! more->
Sidalcea hendersonii
Henderson's checkermallow is commonly found along the Washington coast, but a few populations grow further south here along the Oregon coast. In the... more->
Sambucus nigra 'Haschberg'
'Haschberg' is a variety of black European elder, especially popular in commercial orchards in Austria and Germany. It produces abundant and large... more->
Sambucus canadensis 'Nova'
'Nova' is a variety of American elder, selected for its reliable yield of medium-sized dark berries at a germplasm center in Kentville, Nova Scotia,... more->
Sium sisarum
Skirret is an old word for sugar-root. The white roots are very sweet and have a bit of carrot flavor, which is no surprise because skirret is in the... more->
Chlorogalum pomeridianum
Soaproot is native to sunny meadows and oak woodlands of northern California and southwestern Oregon. Like other plants in the agave family, it grows... more->
Agastache rupestris 'Apache Sunset'
This beautiful perennial is not only fragrant but also hardy and drought tolerant. The silvery foliage grows about a foot tall with huge spikes of... more->
Origanum vulgare ssp. gracile
This dark purple-green oregano is native to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and stands out as a very unique variety of culinary oregano. Compared to Greek... more->
Juncus effusus
Soft rush is a great native wetland plant to have around a pond or swale. Its round, straight stems form a graceful fountain shape, while its... more->
Echinacea angustifolia
This species of Echinacea is native to the central plains of North America, from Texas and New Mexico, all the way north into central Canada. It is... more->
Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead'
'Munstead' is an English lavender that is well-known for its heat tolerance and compact form. The tall spikes of deep purple fragrant blossoms are... more->
Monarda punctata
Spotted bee balm blossoms have white, purple, and pink flowers with exquisite dippled spots. This species grows in drier and sandier soil than most... more->
Scutellaria barbata
Barbed skullcap is native to southeast Asia including China and Taiwan, often growing on the edges of rice paddies. The fresh plant is used as a... more->
Phytolacca americana
Poke is native to the sunny plains of the eastern United States. The hardy taproot sends up a flowering stalk up to 6 feet tall that bears small... more->
Aronia melanocarpa
Our friend Allen reports that this particular Aronia produces plentiful berries. These shrubs readily send up new shoots from near the base of the... more->
Umbellularia californica
Native to northern California and Oregon, this hardwood shrub in the laurel family grows in sunny or shady hillside forests. I've seen it in moist... more->
Cistus x hybridus
This rock rose has broad, wavy leaves with delicate, triangular tips and paper white flowers. more->
Artemisia douglasiana
Douglas mugwort is my favorite of the species of Artemisia that we grow. It is native to sunny streambanks and partly shady riparian areas of several... more->
Ficus carica 'Lattarula'
The tasty fruit of this variety has yellow-green skin and a honey colored interior. These are the largest figs we've ever grown. Boy, are they sweet... more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Pica de Pulga'
This variety of ulluco is one of the most common and productive in our climate. The pink and yellow tubers might have a bit of green, which makes... more->
Cistus incanus creticus
This fuzzy-leaved rock rose makes a smaller, more compact shrub than the pink orchid or white rock roses. While the others easily reach 3-4ft tall,... more->
Diospyrus virginiana
Although American persimmons are smaller than their Asian counterparts found in grocery stores, they are just as sweet, juicy, and delicious! While... more->
Camellia sinensis 'Korean'
This hardy variety of tea comes from the mountains of the Boseong region in South Korea. more->
Camellia sinensis 'Sochi'
This variety of hardy tea comes from the Sochi region of Russia near the Black Sea. more->
Thymus fragrantissimus 'Orange scented'
Orange scented fragrant thyme has a compact growth form with small leaves more similar to French thyme and German winter thyme than any of the other... more->
Matteuccia struthiopteris
Ostrich fern makes the best edible spring fiddleheads of any fern around. I like to brush off the papery scales, add salt, and steam them lightly to... more->
Sambucus canadensis 'Ranch'
Ranch is shorter and more compact than most elderberry varieties. It gets only 5ft tall, so berries are easier to reach for harvesting. more->
Blitum (Chenopodium) bonus-henricus
Good King Henry is a perennial vegetable closely related to spinach that produces delicious green shoots in early spring and succulent leaves in late... more->
Aloe sinkatana
Native to Sinkat, Sudan, this aloe is similar to Aloe vera in its form and medicinal properties. The Hadendowa people use it to treat stomach and... more->
Monarda didyma 'Blue'
With darker violet-purple flowers than most wild beebalm, this variety is a crowd-pleaser and tastes good too! more->
Monarda didyma 'Marshall's Delight'
This pink-flowered variety was developed in Canada to have superb mildew resistance, which can turn the tops of other varieties white and sickly in... more->
Monarda didyma 'Rose-scented'
So we like all beebalms, but this one really tops the charts with its sweet and spicy rose scented pink flowers and foliage. The aroma makes a really... more->
Angelica dahurica
Also known as Bai Zhi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this angelica species is native to northeastern Asia in Russia, China, Korea, Japan, and... more->
Angelica pubescens
Also known as du huo in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and shishiudo in Japanese medicine, this angelica species is native to just the eastern part of... more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Bocadito de Oro'
The name of this variety translates to little bites of gold, which is quite fitting for such creamy yellow-green tubers that make a really nice... more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Chugua Roja'
In addition to the strikingly deep purple tubers, this variety produces beautiful pink-purple stems with lots of vigorous growth. more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Purple'
With violet colored tubers, peach colored stems, and really fast leaf growth, this variety is not only eye-catching but also produces loads of fresh... more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Rosas en el Pasto'
The little red polka dots on the yellow-green tubers of this variety certainly do look like roses in the pasture! more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Spotted White'
These speckled green and red tubers are a bit smaller than the others, but their cuteness makes up for it. more->
Sambucus nigra 'Samdal'
This variety began producing very large clusters of medium-sized dark purple berries for us in the second year, and it has doubled the yield each... more->
Angelica sinensis
Dong quai is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that is well known for its ability to help strengthen the heart, lung, and liver meridians. The... more->
Actinidia purpurea
This species of hardy kiwi stands out from the crowd because it produces coppery red colored kiwi fruit! It can be pollinated by Meader or any of the... more->
Ribes uva-crispa 'Hinnomaki Red'
Hinnomaki Red comes from Finland. The plant bears dark red, sweet and large berries. more->
Ribes uva-crispa 'Sabine'
Sabine is a variety we originally obtained from the USDA Germplasm Repository in Corvallis Oregon. This vigorous and disease resistant plant has a... more->
Ribes uva-crispa 'Pixwell'
Pixwell is almost thornless. Berries can be harvested when green for pie and jam or harvested when soft and pink for fresh eating. Very productive... more->
Ribes uva-crispa 'Black Velvet'
Black Velvet is a very disease resistant, vigorous and productive plant with sweet, dark purple berries. more->
Bryophyllum daigremontianum
Mother of millions not only inspires wonder and fascination because its little plantlets are so easy to break off and grow into entirely new plants,... more->
Ficus carica 'Neveralla'
Also known as Osborne Prolific, this fig produces a pretty small to medium sized fruit that is purple with yellowish stripes and a rosy interior. Yum! more->
Sambucus canadensis 'York'
'York' is a variety of American elder selected from the cross of Adams #2 and Ezyoff at the Geneva Experiment Station in New York in 1964. Its medium... more->