Mugwort belongs to the genus Artemisia, named after the Greek goddess Artemis - the goddess of the moon, the hunt, wild animals, and childbirth.  At the same time that mugwort is a cooling, anti-inflammatory, and bitter herb, it is also used to invoke Artemis and all she represents.  While mystical herbalists know that mugwort brings vivid dreams to those who drink the tea or keep a bundle under their pillow, modern scientists have also confirmed that it interrupts deep sleep in favor of REM sleep in which dreams are made.

Artemisia douglasiana

Douglas mugwort is my favorite of the species of Artemisia that we grow.  It is native to sunny streambanks and partly shady riparian areas of several western states from Oregon to Mexico... more->

Artemisia ludoviciana

Native to Oregon and much of North America, western mugwort is a rhizomatous perennial with beautiful gray-green foliage composed of long, strap-like leaves. Its yellow-white flowers bloom in... more->

Artemisia vulgaris

This is the official mugwort native to temperate Europe, Asia, and north Africa often referenced in witches spells and potions.  It is a very strong cooling bitter that I like to use in apple... more->

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