Who couldn't use more thyme in their day?  The foliage and flowers make tea that not only tastes great, but also has all of the healing properties of thyme oil: antibacterial, carminative, soothing on the stomach, and eases congestion in the sinuses and lungs.  Thyme thrives especially when you pinch the growing tips to make it more shrubby and branched so that it can form a miniature hedge.  It grows best with nearly full sun, though some varieties can tolerate some shade.  Although rich soil is best, thyme will also grow in poor soil as long as it has good drainage. 

After 3-4 years, the lower stems of thyme plants can often get very woody and the whole plant will grow more slowly unless it's in full sun with rich moist soil.  If your plant is woody and not growing very quickly, you might try burying the lower stems with a nice rich compost so that the upper shoots stick out of the top.  The upper stems will send out new roots into the fluffy and fertile layer of compost, reinvigorating the plant.

Thymus fragrantissimus 'Orange scented'

Orange scented fragrant thyme has a compact growth form with small leaves more similar to French thyme and German winter thyme than any of the other varieties.  What sets it apart is the scent -... more->

Thymus x 'Rose-scented'

Combining the warm, spicy scent of thyme with the sweet aroma of old-fashioned rose, we can't seem to grow enough of this wonderful herb!  The foliage and flowers make tea that not only tastes... more->

Thymus vulgaris 'French'

French thyme has very small, pointy leaves.  It is the most drought tolerant and has the most spicy flavor of the thyme varieties we grow. more->

Thymus × citriodorus 'Silver Queen'

This is a lemon thyme that is variegated with slivery grey-green foliage.  It makes a very nice contract interplanted with lemon variegated thyme. more->

Thymus vulgaris

English Tabor thyme has wide leaves that are the most broad, green, and juicy of any thyme we've grown.  Whereas other varieties are often quite spicy and pungent, this thyme is mild tasting but... more->

Thymus x citriodorus 'Aureus'

Beautiful, culinary, medicinal - no herb garden is complete without this variegated, lemon scented thyme. The yellow and green leaves give way to pink flowers in summer. This thyme forms a short... more->

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