hardy kiwi

This hardy vine bears grape-sized kiwi fruit each fall, just when you need some vitamin C and a sweet, tart, tasty treat!  Unlike the fuzzy kiwi, hardy kiwi fruits are smooth and hairless, so you can pop them right in your mouth.

In addition to sun, fertile soil, and a sturdy trellis, female vines need a male nearby to set fruit.

Actinidia purpurea

This species of hardy kiwi stands out from the crowd because it produces coppery red colored kiwi fruit!  It can be pollinated by Meader or any of the male Actinidia arguta. more->

Actinidea arguta 'Meader'

This male variety will pollinate any Actinidia arguta (hardy kiwi), purpurea (hardy red), or deliciosa (fuzzy kiwi), but it won't likely pollinate A.... more->

Actinidea arguta var. cordifolia

This variety produces very well in our partly shady garden.  A neighbor of ours has a vine that towers overhead, engulfing a fence and raining down fruit. more->

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