One thing we love about daylily is that it grows delicious edible flowers!  This flowering perennial is really easy to grow - it tolerates some shade and poor soil, although it thrives in sun.  It will bloom for at least a month in summer and flowers can be stuffed with dips or something else delicious and eaten raw, or dipped in batter and pan fried.  Daylilies, when harvested in a cluster, make good cut flowers as well.  Plants spread by tubers slowly over time and occasionally may need to be divided for maximum health.  We have ours in a place where deer visit and they have not been eaten, but we cannot guarantee this to be a deer resistant plant.

Hemerocallis fulva 'Raspberry Red'

This multicolored red variety of daylily really stands out against a green backdrop! more->

Hemerocallis fulva 'Orange'

This is the orange flowered variety of daylily.  So pretty in the garden or on a plate! more->

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